Seeing if it is possible...

Can two weapons using the same ammo have a max ammo?

So I have a Chaingun and a Chain Turret they can both have a max ammo of 8. The turret uses the same ammo as the gun. I can't seem to buy the ammo when I only have the turret, any reason why? Am I missing something simple here?

Also since I am not using so many ships I am trying to make one of my factions use a projector of some sort(details will come later I guess) that projects an image of itself to use as a decoy. Either way I want to have a fighter bay with unlimited ammo... Is that possible?

I'm sorry I can't test this myself cause I'm not at home and won't be for a week but would like to continue planning stuff since I have a lot of free time.

Thanks for any input.

EDIT: Hmm, I remember there being an online Nova Bible but can seem to find it does anyone have a quick link for it.

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You're not missing anything. You set the ammo outfit to have ModVal corresponding to the gun. Therefore, with MaxAmmo enabled, and zero of the guns owned, you can't buy the ammo.

You can't have a truly ammoless fighter bay. But you can come as close as dammit. Just give the weapon a BurstCount of 32767 and flag it to only use ammo at the end of a burst cycle. Savvy?

Online Nova Bible is here, although I don't believe it's been updated as the version accompanying the game has.

Say, does anyone know if a version of the Nova Bible comes with 1.1, or if 1.0.A is the newest?

Humpf, alright I guess I will just have to ditch that idea for my guns.

I understand setting the burst count that high but then I would still have to buy 1 ammo right?
Oh I guess I could just make the outfit grant one ammo type when I buy it. How do I make outfits invisible again?

Also is there a way to make a ship blow up after a certain amount of time? Or is that resource intensive?
It's not such a big deal so if it is then don't worry about it.

That is just fine I just need numbers for the most part it doesn't need to be super up to date.

Thank you.

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Also is there a way to make a ship blow up after a certain amount of time? Or is that resource intensive?
It's not such a big deal so if it is then don't worry about it.

Not elegantly. You can give it zero armor, but then it was never "alive" in the first place, and it's exploding until the end of its death-delay.

You can make another ship that attacks only that one, and fires only a single weapon, which is a high-speed, high-turning, unjammable missile that has a long Safety and can only hit its target, which deals enough damage to kill the target.

You can—no, you don't want to do that.

You can... do the hokey pokey?

The Nova bible may have moved into the help document for Nova with the 1.1 update, but don't quote me on that. It's definitely worth a look, since I can't imagine that the Nova Bible would be left out of an update.

You can approximate the behaviour of MaxAmmo imperfectly. Give the ammo a max of whatever you want MaxAmmo to be. Give the ammo an availability of (Oxxx | Oyyy) where xxx is the gun and yyy is the turret. Give both the gun and the turret the secondary ModType of IncreaseMaximum, and ModVal of the ammo outfit.

Oooh, I'm going to have to try that when I get back that sounds good.

This is untested and speculation, but EVNEW didn't tell me I couldn't do this at least. In the outfit, you can tell an outfit to do up to four things. Set the ModTypes for two of them to the associated weapon IDs. I don't know for sure if Nova will only take the first one, or if it will accept both. If it does, you could set the ammo for up to four different kinds of associated weapons, I think.

Only the first ModType can be Weapon or Ammo. If any of the additional ModTypes are set as such, they will be ignored. This is well-documented in the Nova Bible.

Ah, so it is now that I look. I should have just done that in the first place. Bah.

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