Seeking AMATEUR modelers

Sounds a bit suss, but isn't.

Guys, I've recently been really lazy. A TC I was working on fell by the wayside... But now it lives again!

But then, much to my horror, I discovered I was rubbish at modeling. So I am...

Seeking amateur modelers for a TC. If you can design ships, but have little experience, some spare time and are feeling kind and generous, your help would be much appreciated. The ships MUST be simple, wireframe, and red. They should also be inspired by computer interface representations of real ships.

I need a:
-Battle Crusier
and most importantly
-A Command/Flagship

Questions post here.

P.S.: If any highly-experienced modelers want to try the Flagship, or others, your welcome, but you guy's are always busy, and I'm sure you could find someone who would pay you for work. 🙂

QUOTE (Charred Snowman @ Apr 11 2009, 03:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

and red. They should also be inspired by computer interface representations of real ships

Might want to clarify what you mean. Do you have an example of that?

Oh, sorry. Now I can see the mistake with my post (I'm not talking about Arrr! pirate ships.). I was thinking a spaceship that doesn't have the detail of a normal ship, for instance:

Attached File Snapshot_2009_04_14_20_49_47.tiff (12.87K)
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The Starbridge has a lot of minor detail, like vents and armour plates.

Attached File Snapshot_2009_04_14_20_49_57.tiff (13.03K)
Number of downloads: 27

The Valk doesn't have these things, therefore it is more like what would appear on a computer display.

In addition to this, the ship would need to be wireframe and red.


EDIT: Oh yeah, and the ships wouldn't actually spin, a little arrow would indicate the direction the ship faces. (Except Fighters)

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So would I be correct to assume you're looking for something along the lines of sketchfighter ships? of course a little less geometric, cleaner, perhaps more detailed, with red lines?

And actual models?

So far it sounds like the best product would come from photoshop. One could make the sprites and masks from there, with a little creativity, then repeat the design on a 6x6 grid. The spinning arrow would be easy to rotate each frame and overlay on top. Then it's a matter of turning the spins into relDs.

The question is whether or not this would produce the desired effect. A 2-d static wireframe ship, with an arrow to indicate its actual direction, ecept for fighters which would turn on their own.

Would the arrow be the same color (red)?
Will the background be visible through the center of the ship like a true wireframe or will it be filled in?

Insomniac: Yes, like sketchfighter. Thanks, about the photoshop idea. I may be able to do that myself.

Jailsurr: Sorry, I don't understand the question.

My question was if you were looking for actual models (from a modeling program) which you could then edit yourself or do whatever with, or if you were just looking for a sprite you can use in Nova.

Nah, I think I'm OK now without help. Thanks though.

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