Ashen Galaxy

calling all artists

And it's finished and out! Read the announcement here and JTH's review here. Now that I'm finished, I'm willing to drop that whole thing about not asking for help. Anyone who wants to join my development team is welcome to. In particular I'm looking for an artist who can do a new menu screen.

This is the official public announcement/progress log of my TC, Ashen galaxy. I was initially reluctant to make this post, as the EVN community is heavily cynical about all announcements of ambition. Fortunately, AG isn't all that ambitious. Hopefully I'll be able to get away with it 😛

The Plot:
Things seem rather thin at first. Humans vs. technologically advanced aliens. Then there are a few twists. Mostly the plot serves to drive you from one epic battle to the next. The first part of the game involves you flying around human space doing special operations stuff. Later on you're given more freedom to explore. I can't really say more then that, as it would ruin an important plot point.

Game play:
As I'm not a writer, AG is weak on plot and dëscs. Instead focus is on battles. Lots of battles. The entire plug can be summed up in three words: Blow Stuff Up. There are some interesting battle dynamics and traditional Nova combat tactics may not work. We'll see... :cryptic grin:


Missions: 100%

Ships: 100%

Graphics: 100%

Weapons: 100%

Outfits: 100%

Map: 100%

Other Dëscs: 100%

Read-me: 100%

Testing: 100%?

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Hmm, looks like a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind helping you come up with story ideas ;). If you want to see some of my work as far as stories go, check this out. I read a lot, mostly sci-fi, so I consider myself a fairly good writer for my age, though I admit I don't write much.

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This looks great. Meowx' stuff looks cool, if a bit grainy, but I look forward to further updates.

I have a community participation idea. I need escort voices for four alien races, but I don't have a mic that works. So if you do, try recording a few. I don't really care if you make up some alien words or just use a really funky accent, so long as it sounds alien. Two or three for "target", "acknowledged", and "victory" would be nice. I don't care about male or female. If you're interested PM me and I'll give you my email address.

Keep an eye on this topic, as I'll have more community participation requests.

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Hey, I'm supposed to be the one with the combat intensive TC. 😛


Missions: 50%

Map: 63%

This TC sounds great. Did you get your system names from EV? Also, you mispelled Jupiter in the shipyard image in your first post.

@eegras-studios, on Apr 15 2007, 07:34 AM, said in Ashen Galaxy:

This TC sounds great. Did you get your system names from EV? Also, you mispelled Jupiter in the shipyard image in your first post.

1. Some of them.
2. Gack!

Also, there's an A in Centauri, right?

Lots of explosions...

Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

I'm actually making more progress then I thought I would. If I keep up this pace, I'll be ready for beta testing within a week. Right now I'm working on the graphics for the final alien race. I need to do four three ships and a station. By not engine glows or lights I'm really speeding up the process 🙂

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I'll take a crack at it...provided my schedule allows. 3rd-quarter Physics and Diff. Eqns. leave very little time for personal screw-offery. 😞

Update: I finished all the new ships. Those should be the last new graphics I add to AG. Now I just need a mess of new missions, a plethora of missions, and a grouping of ships.

Okay, okay. I lied. I did one new graphic. I shall share it with you so that you are under no illusions as to my skill.

So close, so close. Just a few more days of serious work and I'll be done. I might have been done by now if the Mac port of DEFCON hadn't been released. Really bad timing. Even now I can feel that sweet siren call of thermonuclear war. Must... resist... must... work on... AG! Urrrrrgh!

Okay! I'm pretty much done. Just a few more story missions to code. All that's left is writing. Lots of writing. Mission dëscs, planet dëscs, outfit dëscs, and ship dëscs. You see, I'm not a very good writer. This amount of work is a bit overwhelming. But there is another way. If you would like to contribute to this almost completed TC, PM me. I can put you to work writing. To make things easier, there are already place-holder dëscs that sum things up. Seriously, give it a try. Please?

You are rocking dude, this looks like fun. Someone help him out, because if I did the writing it would be filled with Prince lyrics (not entirely a bad thing...)

now, is this soon as in really soon or arpia soon?

If mission descs still need to be written, I'd say somewhere in between.

Keep up the good work.

@lnsu, on May 6 2007, 06:23 PM, said in Ashen Galaxy:

now, is this soon as in really soon or arpia soon?

When-it's-done soon (sooner then Arpia soon, but not quite as soon as really soon). But seriously, I could release it as-is. The rewrites are just to make it suck less. Oh, I just remembered. I have an unused space station graphic. I'll need to remedy that.

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