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Help with gettig started

I see addons and plugins all the time with new planets, I'm having a bit of difficulty finding information on how to make new planets and systems myself. Anyone care to point me in the right direction?

Hi, and welcome to the boards.

To make new planets, you have to create new spöb (space object) resource, which define a planet, moon, or space station (all of which are equivalent from the game's point of view). You further need to modify a s˙st (system) resource, which defines a star system, to refer to that spöb as one of its navigation defaults — or, of course, create a new one.

How much do you know so far about plug-in construction — have you downloaded any tools such as MissionComputer or EVNEW yet? If so, you can learn a fair bit by using them to examine the game's data and other plug-ins.

Ah, so that's what spöb stands for. I was wondering. Anyway, MissionComputer's interface is quite self expanatory. Just look around for a bit, fiddle with it, and you'll pick it up pretty quickly. The fastest way to learn software is to use it. With the exception of Adobe Flash. Grrr...

You know, there is always the EVN Bible in PDF format on the Plugins page. It does a fair bit of explaining of what does what. Although the Nova Bible comes with the game documentation this one is Tabbed.

Also, check out 'Tutorials in S' also on the plugins page. Though it is an old Tutorial and doesn't refer to "modern" programs, generally, you can substitute words (take out Resedit and put in Mission Computer)

Ah cool, thanks for all the help

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