How to do a "cut-scene" move?

I'm looking to have the player need to hitch a ride with a ship other than their own out of one planet, and then meet up with their own vessel later.

I think it's well-established that "warehousing" a ship is prohibitively difficult, so I figured I'd just Mxxx the player to a spob called "Passenger vessel" or something similar, show some misn text, and then Mxxx them to the destination.

That all works fine if I just have the initiating mission do a bunch of sets in sequence----"Sxxx Mxxx Sxxx Mxxx Sxxx", for instance. But I was wondering if there's any way to tell the game to treat an Mxxx as if the player has just landed there, eg, complete missions with that as the destination and offer new ones.

Related question: What could cause one mission to suppress another?

I'd like an extra text box during one mission briefing. Ideally, I'd like Mission A to display its Offer Text, then auto-abort when you click OK, then Mission B to display its own Offer Text.

However, Mission B isn't showing up until I take off and land again.

I checked; both missions have their requirements valid the first time I land.

Maybe you should have Mission A Sxxx Mission B in the abort expression?

I ended up doing something similar for the second problem, but I'd still like to know the root of it.

For the first, best I could figure out was to Qxxx the player off the destination planet, but give them an outfit which increases hyperspace distance to "infinity"; effectively, their ship has arrived, but they can't jump until they land to pick themselves up.

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