EVN shipyard?

a site with EVN ships for download

i recall, back with EVC and EVO, countless sites, with shipyards (rendered and ready to use ships, for download). yet, when i try googling EVN shipyard, all i find are sites with guides, for the default ships, in EVN. yes, i already checked the "All the Important Links You'll Ever Need" thread, but it doesn't list any EVN shipyards. do any even exist? :huh:

reason i'm asking, is because even though plug-ins i make, are strictly for personal use (i don't plan to release them, but if i ever do, i'd be sure to ask permission of anything i used), i'm not too crazy about picking ships out of existing plug-ins.

I suspect part of the problem you're running into is just that the standard for EVN ships is so much higher than it is for EV or EVO ships. The EV and EVO ships were competently modeled, but by amateurs; in contrast, the EVN ships are of professional quality, and it shows. Few amateurs have the dedication needed to make ships that mesh well with the EVN universe, and while we have some here, they're evidently not interested in putting their work online for others to use.

Onyx's Vintage Shipyard has some sprites for EVC/EVO, but they are high enough quality to still look good in EVN. It even has a tutorial on how to add the engine glows for EVN.

Look here. Especially note Modestry Blasie's site. 🙂

i was afraid of that. seeing so many plug-in sites not updated in a few years, i was hoping to find a site that had what ships were made, available to all. o well.

@ Dr. Trowel - awesome. thanks for that link. i just checked out his site and downloaded a few, to check them out.

@dr--trowel, on Mar 19 2007, 11:19 AM, said in EVN shipyard?:

Especially note Modestry Blasie's site. 🙂

Oops, missed that one from the Important Links topic. Added now. The one and only EVN shipyard.

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