My plug-in guides have moved!

To my own webhosting. Let's hope nothing will happen to them there. Notice I arranged myself to put these news where the guides were as well (a cookie for the people who guess how I did ;)).

A few notes: I did not put any formatting to the annotated templates, in fact there were already without formatting either at Bomb's place and had never improved them since (my bad). Also, unfortunately I did not have any archive of the ScanMask and Contribute/Require guides (I archived at the time of the issues with the Voids, before I even put this guide), so I only had a version which I think is outdated, does anyone have an archive of it as it was in Bomb's place? Thanks in advance. I put two bonuses there for you to enjoy, just go there to see what I mean.

Notice that we don't really know what will become of Bomb's Plug-in Guide or the Voids, but since it has been one month I decided that I had to act whatever happens in the long run.


Nice, neat organization. I may use this more than I used Bomb's forum.

I don't seem to have backups of your missing guides, though. Sorry.

Send another PM to Ben Adams. Might help.

Okay, I've updated the link in Important Links.

@zacha-pedro, on Jan 22 2007, 08:27 AM, said in My plug-in guides have moved!:

(a cookie for the people who guess how I did ;))

You created it in the SF forum and moved it?

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Guy gets the cookie.

Yum, thanks 😄