Ship variant upgrades via outfitter

Possible to avoid EVN crashing?

While testing out the Illyana & Subarashii, I encountered a serious bug that concerns the engine, I think.

Ship upgrades via the outfitter work, but Nova crashes.

Let me explain.

The basic idea behind this is simple: there are variants, and just like it's good to upgrade your escorts from time to time, it can be good to upgrade your own ship. Right?
Well, there are two ways to do this: either you create a whole bunch of invisible outfits to change speed, acceleration, , in order to match the variant, or you use the very useful "Exxx" operator, and remove the extra outfits of the first ship (not the other ship-changing operators, because they are not an upgrade, but more like buying a completely new ship basically, here, the idea is that you keep any other outfits you bought/received for your ship, and it's just the basic structure that changes).

Now, I tried using the second option (in order to avoid creating X new oütfs per upgrade and there are "a couple").

And here's the "Subarashii Upgrade 3" output: E460 !b2100 b2102 d447 d136 d136 d136 d174 d129 d129 d129 d129 d446 d517 d485
(to show you the number of things that need to be changed)
I know, I know, there is a flaw here: the player could technically sell the outfits that have the "dXXX" operator applied to them, and then he/she'd make a serious amount of profit, but I won't discuss this aspect here.

Basically, when the player buys the "Subarashii T-21" upgrade for his T-20, his whole basic structure changes in one go.
You buy the outfit, and you see the shield, armour & fuel levels of your status bar change. All good so far. You can even check the outfitter, and everything fits.

But then you hit "enter" or click on "Leave".

And Nova crashes.

Of course, if you fire up Nova again, it's all fine, you've got the upgrade, taadaaaaam. Perfect.

Now, I was wondering if it could be possible to avoid this crash, because it's a seriously annoying thing.
Or then, I'll just use invisible oütfs.

I would use the outfit text to tell the player that such a heavy change to the strucure of the ship nececcitates the outfitter to order parts and then activate a cron that will change the ship when the player lands on the planet after that period is up, therefore moving that particular "E" string out of the outfitter and ruling that out of the bug-stream.

Does "E" work with cröns then?

I'm pretty sure it (and any other set string, for that matter) works with any NCB set field.

Well, thanks guys for the help, but in the end, I managed to make it work. Seems Nova doesn't like outfits granting wëaps of ID "-1" 😄

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