Spob landing pict IDs

It is implied in the Bible that the custom landing picture field in the spob resource overrides something:

CustPicID		 Which custom landscape to show
				  128 and up		ID number of PICT to load instead of the
									  standard landscape display
				  less than 128	 No custom landscape

Is there a way to have a spob display a landing picture that is tied into its' spob type? I really don't want to have to go back through over five hundred spobs to simply set a landing pict id that will invariably tied to the spob type... I've tried setting pict ids to various perhaps sensible numbers that are a permutation of the spin id and have gotten no results.

"Standard" landing scenes begin at ID 10000. Check my Resource ID Guide for all your resource ID needs 🙂

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Thanks 😄

I haven't needed to check anything in so long, am not used to it.

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