Nova Professions

Suggestions Appriciated!

I'm making a new plugin that lets you start with a profession, and I'm glad to have some suggestions! So far the professions are:

< Government Here> Soldier You can choose to be a Federation, Auroran, Rebel, Polaris, Pirate, or Vell-os soldier. You get a rank called 'Approved <Government Here> Soldier' that allows you to get the most advanced ships and upgrades (Im going to add some replacement Data Files to make it compatible).

Bounty Hunter You start at neutral with every government (besides Aliens and Pirates- Read on to find out why :rolleyes: ) and hunt pirates and aliens for different governments.

Prospector You start neutral to every government, and you mine minerals to supply different stations and planets. You also sometimes have missions to deliver ore and other supplies to different places.

Passenger Frigater You start neutral to every government, a deliver tourists to exotic planets and stations. Unlike the normal passenger missions, these include thousands of passengers willing to pay much.

No matter what you will always start as a modified IDA Frigate, specially designed to fit your profession. At the main planet of each Government will be station allowing you to paint your ship one of these colors- Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. You also have the choice of reseting your color.

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That's pretty cool. I like the bounty hunter idea. Maybe you could start out as some kind of special task force agent for a government, and take out specific ships, docks, and things. It would be like the bounty hunter only you get beat up by ships when you're not careful.

Thanks Destroyerminkey! Though I dont know what field i edit so you need a rank to buy a ship :mellow:

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I think it's the "Require" bit.

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