mass disabler alone?

has it been made?

i really just want to get the mass disabler alone, cuz i dont want all the other super cheats from V.A.D. clogging up the outfitter. has anyone made that yet?
p.s. i have a fair pilot and a cheater pilot. obviously i want it for my cheater, cuz i want to own the galaxy!!! *insert evil laugh here. thanks
p.p.s. if someone knows of it, a link would be great

It's simple to extract it yourself - simply get a plugin editor, open the plugin, and copy and paste the relevant resources into a new plugin file.

Because i like this sort of thing, (attachment=2163:attachment)
Mac format, Windows will need to convert.

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thanks. and sorry, but i have NO knowledge of plugins except that they're cool to use. and handy.

It's quite alright. I enjoy this sort of thing. If you're on a Mac and are interested on finding out how they work, i suggest that you try Mission Computer and read the EVN bible. Oh, and always work with a copy of things you don't want to mess up badly.

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