Special ships of constant but mixed types?

Is that doable?

Ok, one more thread in my current campaign to turn this forum in "Kinniken's TC-related questions" 😉

Is there a way to have the special ships in a mission be of various kinds but to have those kinds "fixed"? Right now in a mission where the player must destroy an enemy fleet I have two choices: either I don't put the "Select the ship type at mission start", in which case the fleet will use the proportions given in the dude, which is what I want, but those proportions will be recalculated if the player leaves the system and comes back, or I check it, and EVN picks one ship type in the dude and has all the ships in the fleet of that type.

I suspect the answer is "no", as it would require EVN to remember not just how many ships are left but of what kinds, but still... you never know...

That sounds like bugged behaviour of that flag to me. You could just use multiple missions though. In the OnShipDone they each set a unique bit and when you return another mission requiring all of those bits will pop up to display the comp desc.

Bug or limited feature I don't know... leaning toward the second, considering that making it work properly would have been quite a lot of work. Making multiple missions would work in theory but since I want to use it with fairly large fleets I'm not keen on it. Too much resources taken up for something fairly minor, and too much of a hassle to tweak.
I guess I'll just not use the flag, even if it means a player can just jump out and come back if he doesn't like the ships selected 😉

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