Initial legal recors issue

Mixing chär and gövt settings

Is it possible to have both initial government values set in chär and gövt resources? I'm trying to have several backgrounds available for the player and I'm running into issues with it. I naively thought that EVN would use the chär setting for a given government if there was one, and the gövt setting if there wasn't, but it seems that having any government setting in the chär resource puts initial records for every other government to zero. Does anyone know of a workaround? I'd like some backgrounds to grant an initial bonus with some govs, but not at the cost of being considered a non-citizen by everyone else...

Interesting... the field in the gövt resource should be considered legacy from the previous EVs, because it obviously doesn't make sense in the context of multiple chärs, not to mention chär partly takes up this role even though it's limited in the number of governments. I don't know how you could get it working, I hope you do, but don't be surprised by this behavior.

Hmm... Any idea then how I can get a government to be "friendly" (ie, just not attack and let land) a player with the legal rating at its default of zero? My problem is that I have several small secondary governments that I need to have that way, and there's too many of them for the chär res. I can do without default settings beyond the 4 allowed in the chär, but only if there's a way to have the other gov in question friendly by default.

In the "On Start field" of the Char resource you could use the Sxxx command to start as many hidden auto-aborting missions as you need. Which would raise the legal statuses of the desired governments.

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That should work. Smart. Thanks!

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