Don't Fire at Fast Ships

doesn't work?

I've tried a bunch of different guidance types but with all of them this flag doesn't work. Testing against vipers/anacondas which both have very high turn rates. Can anyone shed any light on this or is it just broken?

Is "fast" defined anywhere?

I'm going with Apple Core. Turn radius isn't necessarily speed. Try against a ship with really high top speed or acceleration, then both. Also, check for flags that mark a certain ship as BEING a "fast ship". For testing the weapon, I'd suggest making a ship and dude or pers copy in a plug-in and changing its stats and turning it into a test target ship. I'm not sure how all the dude and pers odds work, I never could figure that one out.

Bible defines "fast ship" as turn rate > 30.

Now there's a chance, perhaps a good one, that only the AI cares about this flag. Have you checked to see if NPC ships will fire your weapon at, say, you, when you're in a fast ship?

There's just one little problem with that suggestion:

			   0x0008		   For guided weapons, don't fire at fast ships
								  (ships with turn rate > 30)

This seems fairly clear, don't you think?

Anyway, I don't know why Nova is apparently ignoring that flag. You've made sure that the flag is set properly using ResEdit/Rezilla's TMPL editor (showing the hex code), right? Also, you are testing with AI ships that use that weapon?


I'm pretty sure it only applies to computer ships.

It is most definitely a hint for the AI, otherwise why limit the kind of targets that can be targeted in such a way?

@zacha-pedro, on Sep 6 2006, 08:36 PM, said in Don't Fire at Fast Ships:

It is most definitely a hint for the AI, otherwise why limit the kind of targets that can be targeted in such a way?

Game balance. Especially seeing as the AI doesn't try to dodge missiles that it could easily dodge.

I've tried it AI to AI too and it still doesn't work. I'm pretty sure in EVO it worked even for the player.

In evo, that flag was also affected by the game speed preference. I remember when I used to play the game at 255%, UE warships when being hostile to me would never seem to fire missiles at me or at any other Voinian warships, yet when I changed it to 100%, then they started firing those missiles. Double speed also seems to have an affect as well I think. But I assumed that if this flag applied same to the player in EVO, I would of expected the same thing from EVN, but maybe this time I guess the rules to this flag is different, IDK shrug.

Well in the lack of any answers I'm just going to assume this is a deprecated flag, made redundant by AI upgrades or simply never upgraded to work with other Nova engine changes (like turn rates) due to lack of usefulness.

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