Non-outfit cargo

How could you make an outfit that adds cargo space, but that can't be used for outfits? (Even beter if you can control which outfits can be used)

I'm thinking something along the lines of how escorts can add commodity cargo space, but it can't be used for missions and outfits. Maybe an invisible escort?

The reason for this use would be a shuttle on your ship that has its own cargo space.
So you could purchase this shuttle and to takes up 40 tons. BUT, it also can hold 10 tons of cargo. Now, of course, you can't use it for your ship outfits, but you can suff comodities in there and ideally carry extra ammo. This could work well with the carry ammo in storage hack. And also work very nicely with the fighter loadouts hack.

Um... no cargo space can be used for outfits. Unless you're trying to add cargo space which can't be removed with a Mass Retool or whatever.

Sure you can use cargo space. Like you mentioned, Mass Expansion is one.
Also, any outfit that grants negative cargo space effectively uses cargo space.

How's progress on this TC of yours?

@guy, on Sep 1 2006, 12:52 AM, said in Non-outfit cargo:

How's progress on this TC of yours?

I make progress in spurts. I sometimes wonder if my time might be better spent on a different plug. The Nova engine wan't really indended to model the universe I'm creating, though I havent yet hit any major snags...

The Junk Trader idea from awhile back could be alot of fun to make, and the Paper TC has alot of appeal. Heck, they could even be combined. Of course, if I keep switching I'll never get anything completed.

Ship construction is fairly detailed, and the weapons and outfits necessary to make a working ship are 95% completed. The myriad fighters and variants are 99% completed. In fact, fighters, weapons, and PD systems are all finely detailed.

I have made use of the universal fighter bay and swaping fighters functionality, ammo storage, multiple ammo for multiple weapons, automatic/manual switchable weapons, reserve and auxiliary power concepts. All of these are currently working.

I have the basic premise and scenario outlined, but nothing has been coded yet. Similarly for the systems. I have the basic layout and governmens, but it has not yet been coded.

As for graphics, this is likely to be last. I havent yet found out if my 3D software will run on my new machine, and that will likely heavily influence my speed here. I'm mostly using placeholders, but a few graphics have been completed. This is likely to be a long process.

I am currently building the various NPC ships, and even though many ships are unique in some way, this will go pretty fast since all the ship construction details are basicaly complete. It is just a matter of starting with a basic hull and outfitting it as needed, then working that design into a ship resource.
This will be followed closely by the system and spob resources, and then the major storyline and plot branches.

There are a few design/mechanic problems to solve yet, but nothing that couldn't be scrapped if it doesn't pan out.

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