High Res Asteroid Fix

Is there any easy way of converting a sprite into a bunch of individual images for each frame?

(edit) Job done. I now announce the High Res Asteroid Fix, available from link in sig 🙂
To all TC'ers out there, if you would be so kind, please make all your asteroid sprites with frame size of at least 50x50.

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I bet there is an animation tool out there that does this. Something unassociated with EV, and more associated with coverting hand drawn frames.

Never mind, I resorted to trusty old Java to get the job done. This is awesome, you have no idea how painstaking my job was and how easy it was to make Java do it for me 🙂

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Wasn't there something included with the Sprites package that de-rle'd sprites into individual frames?

Nope, but that's not important anymore. I hope you're taking note of the comment in my first post 😉

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