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Alright, I'm designing my own mini-plug, and I'm having troubles on the mission aspect of it. I've got two missions that are giving me trouble.

First, you accept a mission off of Trista Prime (my new planet) which leads you off elsewhere to pick up a scientist.. but that's beside the point. When you get back, it enables b91, which should prevent it from allowing the mission to be shown again, and let the next one in the series come. But that's not what happens..

It just loops the same mission, and the second one never comes.

Mission 1 Accept Bit: !b91
Mission 1 Clear Bit: b92

Mission 2 Accept Bit: b92 & !b93
Mission 2 Clear Bit: b93

(that's the right formatting, I hope...)
What is the problem with that? Is it not setting the bit upon completion for the next one to start? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT I think I spotted part of my problem. I told it to set b92, instead of b91... but that doesn't explain why I can't get mission 2...

EDIT 2 Here is the new mission bit part:

Mission 1 Accept Bit: !b91
Mission 1 Success Bit: b91

Mission 2 Accept Bit: b91 & !b92
Mission 2 Success Bit: b92

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For a simple string of missions, you'll want to set it up this way:

Mission 1:

Available Bits: !b1
On Success: b1

Mission 2:

Available Bits: b1 & !b2
On Success: b2

Mission 3:

Available Bits: b2 & !b3
On Success: b3

And so on...

You can also accomplish other things by using the other fields. For example, if you wanted a system to show up after you accept a mission you'd put the system's visibility bit in the On Accept field. Or you could take the player into a new string if they fail with the On Failure field.


For a simple string of missions, you'll want to set it up this way:...

I... have that already, just not with your bits (as I assume those are just example bits). Yet it does not work, and it is rather frustrating...

It sounded to me like you were using On Accept instead of Available Bits.

Nope, I'm using the Available Bits Field.... This.. sucks..

Could you post a copy of your plugin so we can see for our selves what's going on?

I'll upload a dimmed down version, with just those two missions.

Here ya go: Attached File trista_debug.zip (5.31K)
Number of downloads: 26

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I c nothing wrong with the bits other than you might want to write hte mission bits like this: b91 & !b92 on the mission trista_weapons. I dont thin kthats hwats causing the problem though. You might want to check the stellar pickup points and travel stellars. The number 10128 in the travel stellar doesn't refer to "travel to a stellar in the federation." If thats what your aiming for.

@chronodrago, on Aug 19 2006, 08:30 PM, said in NEW Problem with mission bits:

you might want to write hte mission bits like this: b91 & !b92

Yes, that second mission will loop forever if you don't.


Yes, that second mission will loop forever if you don't.

Oh, oops. The "& !b92" was removed for testing, because I thought somehow maybe b92 had already been set and was the cause of the problem. I just forgot to change it back before I uploaded the file 🙂

Problem solved?

No....... 😞

Whats the ID of your new gov't?

195... why?

Alright, well you know the travel destination of your second mission? You have it labeled as 10128, and 256 is not the ID number of any gov't to my knowledge. THAT is why your mission won't show up, its becuase the travel destination doesn't exist. If you want the travel stellar to be anywhere in the federation, then you set the travel stellar to 10000(Gov't ID - 128 + 10000). That should solve the problem. 😄

PS: That formula will only work if you want the mission to be anywhere within a certain gov't.

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Thanks, I'll try that.

Did it work? :blink:


Did it work?

Awesomeness. It did work. I do remember that little tidbit about the (10,000 + gov't ID - 128) thing in retrospect, but I had completely forgotten about it at the time I made the mission. Got the mission, and working on some more now. Crashe thanks you 😛

EDIT Forgot the extra "0" on the "10,000"... hehe 😛

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Thats great! 🙂

Ok, I have a new question, not so much of a problem quite yet.

In my plug-in, I'm allowing the user to repair and rebuild the destroyed Hypergates. They need some things first in order to do this...

-Complete the mission which allows you access to the technology and resources for building.
-HG Technology
-HG Building Crew
-HG Materials
-HG Deeds for that particular system.

The HG Tech/Crew/Materials are only available once you've completed the mission.

The deeds are only available if you have the three things listed above. And herein lies the problem.

In the "availability" field, I want it to have the three bits set upon buying the required resources.

Should it look like this: "Availability:: b172 (b173 & b174)"

Or is that wrong? Some help would be appreciated.