Need desc resource help

Ok, so. What I want to do is a bit test and a gender check at the same time. Let me show you what Ive come up with (tested with female, bit 9997 not set)

{G "{b9997 "mset" "fset"}" "{b9997 "mnset" "fnset"}"}

{b9997 "{G "mset" "fset"}" "{G "mnset" "fnset"}"}

The result for both of them was: " "fnset"}

That's correct. It is not possible to nest dësc tests, so your best bet would probably be to have two seperate missions for one test, and put the other test in the dësc itself. However, I haven't done any very extensive work with dëscs, so someone who has may be able to give you some better tips.

(EDIT) Or, if you only have a couple of this type of mission, you might be able to use a crön to "AND" the bit and the gender test into another bit. It would be quite wasteful of resources, though.


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:mellow: Uh... ok. I think I got that. Its just one mission but it modifies an already existing mission. I guess I could break the mission up. One for bit set one for not. Ill try when I get time. Thanks Edwards

AHHH!!! This is driving me insane!

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