Is there a way to make bar missions come to you one at a time?

A lot of times when I'm in the bar, I'll accept the mission that and after I do, another one pops. Now, I doubt 3 people would come up to you one at a time in one place and give you a mission.

So is there a way prevent you from getting another one of those missions when you already have one? I'm working with EVNEW.

Yes, simply add b6666 to the OnAccept field (and OnRefuse as well, if you so desire) of all of the missions in question, and & !b6666 to the Availability field of the same missions. b6666 is a bit which is already used by the game to force a one-day wait - there's a crön in the default scenario which clears it every day.

Ah I see. Thanks a bunch.