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Hey guys,
I've made a new hypergate in one of my new systems and i put hyperlinks from it to a whole bunch of others. I then took the resource that my hypergate was connecting to and i put my hypergate number in it. But those hypergates don't show a hyperlink in game, even though the new hypergate ID is inside its hyperlinks. Anyone know why this is happening?

Well, this is the only thing I can think of right now: Are you trying to link the Hypergate to other Hypergates (The RID's of the Hypergate Spöbs) or to the systems the other Hypergates are in (The RID's of the S˙sts)?

A systems connections link to other systems, but Wormholes and Hypergates link to other spöbs.

Was this the problem, or did i read your post wrong?

I put the RIDs of the spobs, and i copied the RIDs of the hypergate spobs into my plugin file and i added my hypergate spob ID into the hyperlinks of those hypergates.The new hypergate works sending them to the other hypergates, but it cant receive any. Also i put -32767 as minimum status and i knowticed that on the other hypergates, they never let the person land. But i dont know how to let the hypergate acces rank let you use a new hypergate...unless of course, the stellar is a hypergate flag is linked up with the minimum status and the hypergate rank.

For the rank allowing use, that is the function of the Hypergate "Government." Each hypergate in the stock game belongs to this gövt (RID 183), and each one refuses use to players using an absurd high MinCoolness.

The hypergate rank forces the hypergate gövt to allow the player to land, no matter the legal status. If your new hypergates are set to belong to the hypergate gövt, they wil also be affected by the hypergate rank.

So, no. The "stellar is a hypergate" flag is not linked to the minimum status, nor to the rank.

Aight thanks, but does that also mean the hypergate "gov't" is what connects the hypergate network links? If so, why? That seems sort of odd since syst of different gov't still connect to other systems of other gov'ts. :huh:

That's the govt of the spobs. Systs and spobs all use different govts. So, it theory, it would be possible to have a spob with a pirate govt in a syst with a non-pirate govt.

Now the reason the player can leave your hypergate and not come into it is that the other hypergates don't have it's RID entered in.

@jacabyte, on Aug 1 2006, 12:25 PM, said in Hypergate problems:

Now the reason the player can leave your hypergate and not come into it is that the other hypergates don't have it's RID entered in.

sigh I beleive I said that atleast once up above that I copied the hypergate RIDs of the ones my hypergate links to. I added my hypergates RID into the copied hypergate's hyperlinks. 😉 So no that definantly is not the problem.

O oops. I'm a failure! 😞

Did you mark the "Stellar is a hypergate" flag on all of them?

Im not sure exactly what u mean since i only made one hypergate but yes the flag is set as this is a hypergate. :laugh:

Can you upload it for us to take a look at?

Aight Ill email you the data core since thats all thats needed for this. 😄

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