In-Game Clock

Is there a way to integrate the time from the system clock as a part of the sidebar when you're ingame? I ask because I always lose track of time when I play games, and this would give me a constant reminder of the time. Any other methods of putting the local time of the computer into the game would also be appreciated.

I doubt it. Perhaps they could code it in, but I doubt that as well, because very few games have the local computer time anyway. There was something once about having time passing during game, and I suppose someone might be able to set up a way, using that function, to replace the in-game clock with a second by second clock. However, what it would really do is give you total play time, so someone would have to write an app that read the local time when you started the game, then have it replace the text in the in-game date data within the files with data that would seem to show the local time for a starting character, then they would have to figure out how to use some fancy mission bit clearing operation to re-set the in-game clock or something like that. It could be thrown off depending on how long it takes for the game to load on a given computer, and by if they stay actually playing the pilot or not as long as the game is open. I still wouldn't bet on it being possible, but if it was, through a similar sequence to what I just described, it's a lot of work for someone to do when it's a lot easier to put a clock next to the computer.

For an visible system clock when you're playing Nova, you may want to look at the application formerly known as Konfabulator. At least on my Mac, widgets with their level set to "topmost" or "floating" appear above all of Nova's windows, and the most common type of widget is the clock. With a bit of graphical work, you could probably even set up a clock to look like it belongs in the sidebar.


You could also play in windowed mode so your clock is visisble (as well as much of the rest of your desktop).

Well, that's a little annoying... but you can always hit escape to get to the main screen, then just hit command-H, Nova does play nicely with the hide command, every time you enter a system, or whatever other main benchmark that you can use as "time to check the clock", but that isn't the same, I guess.

Cmd+H or Cmd-Tab works even while playing the game (try this: initiate a jump, tab out and back in again and you will instantly be in the new system).
Or you could just look at your watch or the clock on the mantlepiece. Or set alarms.

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