gov't enemies

hate themselves?

Can gov'ts hate themselves so that they attack ships of their own gov't? Or is there another way to make pers and dude resources attack eachother(withouth being their own govt's)

No, but you can make to otherwise-identical govts that hate each other. Simply set one Group for one of them to X, one Group of the other to Y, and put X and Y in the appropriate Enemy (and possibly Ally) fields.

It would be possible to simplify this, by setting both of them to have one Group affiliation the same (a Group that no other gövt uses), and set them enemies to that group, but that wouldn't cause a single govt to attack itself, and it wouldn't allow for additional varients of each govt.


So you can't have a Ruthless band of pirates that will disable and board eachother? Thats kinda dumb <_< I think I will try myself because I'm feeling stubborn...

lol, ok thanks. But what if you set them to xenophobic. They will attack themselves as well as everyone else. The only reason why murauders and pirates dont becuase they are their own allies. So wouldnt that work? :blink:

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