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Ok guys,
I want to create a plugin that allows you to rename a species after you dominate each of their planets. Is that possible? Would the new name corupt everything else related to the old race?

You'd have to create a new government with a different name, along with new systems. So for a smaller government your idea wouldn't be too difficult to impliment, but for a large government it would be a lot of work.

Ah, ok...well thats not to far off what i plan on doing. I guess ill just make a new gov't but systems will take some time. Ill set my char as the leader, but when somoen dominates the race they can rename it. And my char hopefully can be set to chase the guy through the galaxy(sort of like cap't hector just not as annyoing). Sounds kewl, but how do u add new systems to the map?

Note you can't just let the player name something whatever they want. The only thing you can name is your ship - anything else you can only provide a choice of various pre-set names.

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Sounds cool, but how do you add new systems to the map?

By creating new syst resources.

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Ok, so if i had a bunch of pre-set names, how would i be able to create a window for it to pop up in during the game. And what would i call the trigger? Is there a trigger for the domination of every planet belonging to that race/gov't?

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