Got a prob with shipyardinfo pics

Well, I created ...

a ship: ID 800
rleds and rle8s: ID 30000 & 30001
a shän: ID 800
a target & shipyard pic: ID 3672 & 5672
and also a shipyard info pic (the great ones): ID 20800

But this damn info pic doesn't show up. Not even the EVN pics from the shuttle for example show up on this ID. But if I set the ID of the new info pic to 128 it is working perfectly. -.-

If someone knows what to do please help.

I tried a lot but nothing seems to work. Very frustrating.

In the desc for the new ship there is a field for 'graphic'- this is where you put the resid of your shyard info pic. That is the key. It should then show up fine 🙂

Uh, I'm stupid as hell XD
I thought I had put in there a number but it seems I forgot to do so XD

Thanks 🙂