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Naive Question Time!

Okay, so I made/edited my sprites, but the plug editor just saves all my changes to the main data files. How do I export just the data I changed into a plugin that I can then post?

It would help greatly if you could tell us what editor it is exactly that you're using...

...the general process, however, basically involves making a blank Nova plug-in file (i.e. you could open up a copy of one of the data files and delete every resource in it and save it as a blank file)

Once you have the blank file, do with it what you want, create/change the fields you need and go from there. I'm surprised that your editor doesn't have a "save as" function either...

Your sig makes me ill, dude.

FadedEidolon, on Sep 18 2005, 05:11 PM, said:

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rmx256, on Sep 19 2005, 01:15 AM, said:

Your sig makes me ill, dude.
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Nah, that's just GutlessWonders animated avatar. I love animated avatars.

EDIT: Never mind. I figured it out =D Just a few cleanups to make and this plug should be ready.

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