Would Somebody Make a plugin for me?

If not I understand!

If you Would then I just want an Auroran Dragon.No more.No less

you can just edit the rebel dragon

Just give it the Auroran Side-Bar,Make the "Veins" Red and swap the Viper Bay for a Firebird one.That' all

Oh and make it a faster but with less cargo space (10 Is the minimum)

Thanks For Reading

-Fried Dodo

Any particular reason you can't do it yourself?

To make a modified Rebel Dragon:
Use ResEdit with NovaTools, MissionComputer (both for Mac), or EVNEW (Windows, and yes, that really is the right page. Scroll all the way to the bottom), and copy one of the Rebel Dragon resources from Nova Data 1. Paste it into a new plug. Edit it (the Nova Bible and Zacha Pedro's shďp Annotated Template may help here), and give it a new, unused Resource ID (anything between 415 and 894 (inclusive) will work).

To change the sidebar, just change the Govt field of the ship resource to 1129.

Modifying the ship's sprites is somewhat trickier. You need to export the Rebel Dragon's sprites to an editable format (using either En/DeRle or EVNEW's "export" feature), re-hue them using an image editor, and then re-import the edited sprites back into your plug as RLEs. You will then need to copy a rebel Dragon shan resource, and edit its running lights field to use your edited graphics, and give the shan resource the same RID as your ship.
(EDIT)I just did a quick re-coloring and put it in a plug, but the file is too big to attach to a post. I could send it to you via email if you wish.
And no, I won't do the ship resource for you. If you have an idea for a plug, you should learn to do it yourself.


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Thanks!Sorry Bout that! 😞

Sorry, I hadn't meant to sound as nasty as I did. I'd meant that to come across as a fairly polite question and some help, but that last sentence was too strong.

Several people around here (me included, actually) would be willing to make a quick plug like that for you, but only if you have some reason not to do so yourself.
However, it is a good idea to learn how to make your own plugs, as that gives you total artistic control over them, rather than hoping that someone else will manage to create exactly what you wanted.


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