Random Modular Idea

RMI! (Or as I call it, the thing)

So, I've been fiddling around with a plugin for quite a while now (but haven't really got that far, being that I've spent most of the tie trying to find engine workarounds to let me do what I want to do for the first mission). Anyway, that's irrelevant.

Now, in lieu of mrxak's request for smaller plugins, what do people think of the idea of me creating a smallish plugin (like, one major string, a small galaxy, etc etc...) as a TC, but documenting everything about it (i.e. which techlevels are which, what each require/contribute bit does, and the like), leaving it very open-ended, thus allowing anyone who wants to make a plugin for it to simply ask for the notes and work from there.
Or of course, if I wanted to make further plugins for it. Because of my total lack of graphical ability, it would be running with the Nova sprites, but have the option for anyone who thought it was good enough to make graphics for, to make graphics for, etc...
So, rather than coming as a huge TC, it's released in small pieces, maybe allowing you to play different sides of the same story, adding corperations, people and the like as the game goes on.

Ideas? Thoughts? Comments?

Funny that, rmx has just suggested a similar idea on the Nova Boards. Most people seemed to agree with it, so yeah go ahead.

Heh, I totally missed that, I tend not to go there. Thanks for the info, and yes I think I will go ahead with it. I've also got a solution for the pers bug.

Sounds good.

This sort of thing has been suggested before, with most people agreeing that it's a good idea, but I haven't heard anything from the previous attempts. If you can build this, it should be great.

Just remember to leave lots of loose ends, and put in a simple explaination for plugs adding new systems.