Just takin' a look at the Nova Files...

And I saw something strange...

I was looking at the Nova files (A backup, of course) and saw that, there was two different Wraith govs. This confused me, because after thinking back, I don't remember any time when the Wraith government would have to be replaced with a new one. So this confused me, and I decided to ask why it's there.

P.S. Is it possibly because of teh Polaris diplomatic string (rather than technology)? I thought of that, but that doesn't require a whole new gov, does it?

There are a lot of odd multiple govts in the data files. In fact, there's all sorts of extra unnecessary s### in there - for example, there are like seven of every single pers.

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If you look closely at these two different Wraith gövts you'll see that one is non aggressive and the other is nasty to the player. This represents the change in Wraith relationships to the player based on where one is in the Polaris storyline. ATMOS was very clever in their use of Nova resources. Also keep in mind that governments are used to define the behavior of düde, përs, and flët resources and not just the actions/attitudes of spöbs/s˙sts.

ATMOS used this method to increase the default përs 5% appearance value. If you have two identical përs with a 5% probability of appearance you'll get a 10% effective probability of appearance. If you have three identical përs with a 5% probability you'll get ... And so on and so forth. The only other way to increase përs appearance probabilities is with modifications to each and every s˙st resource, which is impractical. Once again those clever ATMOSians have made use of Nova resources in an unobvious manner to improve the quality of the game for users.

Ahhhh. Well, that explains that. It still doesn't explain all the other extra crap in there, though.

All the extra "cruft" is there for a reason. 🙂

(he said enigmatically)

(Deleted comment as it was nasty)

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tycho61uk, on Jul 14 2005, 12:47 PM, said:

So why do you feel the need to go around trashing everything by assuming that because you don't get it, it must be 'crap'?
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Oh hush.

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Oh hush.
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Sorry, I was in a bad mood 😞

pipeline, on Jul 14 2005, 04:28 AM, said:

All the extra "cruft" is there for a reason. 🙂

Is that so? Then I'd like to know why there are twelve (count 'em) Raven ship resources, and not all of them are used.

orcaloverbri9, on Jul 14 2005, 10:12 PM, said:

Is that so? Then I'd like to know why there are twelve (count 'em) Raven ship resources, and not all of them are used.View Post

Not to mention the "single-use" ships, such as the cloaking inertialess Striker (escorts for one or two Polaris missions), and the Blockade Runner Pirate Argosy (2-5% chance of appearing during a couple of UNS missions). On the other hand, apart from a few ships and a handful of mission bits, nearly every resource is used somewhere, which is pretty impressive in a project the size of Nova.

Oh, and septcanmat? There are three Wraith govts. 😛


orcaloverbri9, on Jul 15 2005, 05:12 AM, said:

Is that so? Then I'd like to know why there are twelve (count 'em) Raven ship resources, and not all of them are used.
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I'm pretty sure there has been some reason for them at some point, even if it has disappeared by now.

You can always upgrade your escorts to Blockade Runner class. Either that or the last time I did that I had a plug in, but I don't know of any plugs of mine that would do that.

If there are seven copies of each pers doesn't that mean that it's possible (however unlikely) that you might see seven of that pers at the same time?

The following is an entry from the Nova beta development progress logs.

multiple pers ships with the same name will not appear in the same system