ID of governments

How can I get the ID's of governments? I would like to do a Fake ID for the Voinians in Override, but I don't know their ID! Help, please!

Open the relevant data file, the one that contains the gövt resources. Then open the gövt resource list.

That's all.

1.Where is the gövt file?
2.If it is a white page, how can I open the file?

Is it possible to get with a plug a higher legal record as clean?

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You would probably have to use missions, a mission with a huge rating bonus. I sadly dont know enough about EVO to be of much help in triggering this mission.

Frequency 245, on Jul 15 2005, 04:33 PM, said:

1.Where is the gövt file?
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Open Override Data 1 and 2 with your editor. Open the list of gövt resources in one of them (can't remember which - don't have them in front of me right now).

Thanks a lot! 😄 I didn't know that it is possible to open the files which are the heart of EVO(EVN)!
I could find the IDs and the solutions for two of my biggest EVO problems! Thank you again!

Of course you can. The data files have exactly the same structure and data as plug-ins (albeit on an unsually much bigger scale), and thus can be opened by the same tools.