We're looking for a few good beings


The Kemet: Final Legacy team is in the long stretch here towards the end. The plot is mapped out, outfs planned and being implemented, ships are probably 50% (100% placeholder) and the galaxy is built (though not all of the planets are in yet). Things will get done. But a little help would be nice...

So we're looking for a coder/resourcer who is comfortable working with ResEdit and NovaTools (yes, I am giving weight to this over the other editors) to help finish filling in the dude, flet, syst and spob resources (and whatever other little coding tasks that need to get done). You'll have the advantage of working with an integrated team with a clear direction in mind, a timetable in which to be finished and good documentation of what bits do what and when (in addition to other things).

I am also looking for an additional writer specifically to write landing descs. You'll need to, in advance of actually writing anything, read all of the descs that have currently be written and about 50+k of additional material having to do with the setting and plot, and what you write must be consistent with what is already in-game. There will be a fair amount of artistic freedom- as in if you want to 'create' something, such as a 'company' or a group that inhabits a certain planet, you will have that right, as long as it is consistent and not a 'game buster'.

As always we're looking for shipwrights - you must use Mechanisto fluently and not require outside assistance, and must be able to work from previously written descriptions- but this is probably wishful thinking.

If you're interested in filling any of these positions- please PM me either here or in our forums (listed in my signature) about what you can do. Please do not reply if you are a member of another dev team already! This is for our sake as well as theirs.

Moderators, I did this because the Unemployment thread is full of people who claim that they're unavailable. Please close this topic if you so desire.

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Can I help? I can be a writer! PICK ME! PICK ME! I have a good imagination! Listen to this story I made up:

There once was a hairy lumberjack. He used a giant carrot instead of an axe. One day, he came upon a field of politicians and screams,"In my day, we didn't have no Democrats or Republicans, we had Rednecks and Yellarbellies!" With that he chopped them all down with his giant carrot.


How was that?

Check out the quote in your sig, man.

Why thank you, I get that alot. 😄

We will also need a new additional rendering services guy to start around July - basically someone with a basic knowledge of mechanisto and a LOT of free processor time going. This person will help in rendering the vast amount of sprite and animation frames we're looking at. Our previous guy (who I will not name, although he will be credited in the plug. You know who you are) had to leave because of other commitments.

Ideally, you should have at least a G3/G4 at 800MHz+ and about 100+ mbs free RAM to give to mechanisto. These are serious renders.

Note also that Mechanisto requires OS9 or Classic to run.

If you're interested contact me (the Co-Leader) or rmx (Project Leader) above. Full instructions will be provided.

One other thing:

Silicon based lifeforms need not apply. Our insurance won't cover it 🙂

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I am 100% (more or less) available as a writer for the next 3 1/2 months, but I need a general feel of the plug before I commit, which I cannot find on your website. Please PM me on these boards if you want my help.

P.S. I found 2 typos on your main website page if you want to know about them 🙂

Uhh...have you checked your PMs? It'd be nice to get a response, positive or negative...

Who, me or rmx?

PM sent. I have an extended summer this year. 4 months of free time.

So, check your inbox.

pp0u20e8, on Jun 9 2005, 04:09 PM, said:

Who, me or rmx?

The latter.

(edit) Never mind on the coding (/edit)
I can proofread though.

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I can definatly be a writer. I have all of summer break to do it in, and I recently got a big award, so I am all stuck up over my writing ability these days. I also would love to work as part of a TC team.

definatly? ::arches an eyebrow Spockishly::

I don't want to commit myself to a writing task I'm not really up to, but I can definitely proofread and edit for you if such services are desired.

Yup, me too if you need a double act...

CaptJosh, on Jun 16 2005, 10:59 AM, said:

definatly? ::arches an eyebrow Spockishly::
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I said writing not spelling.

Duh. 😛

rmx256, on Jun 8 2005, 11:15 PM, said:


The Kemet: Final Legacy team is in the long stretch here towards the end.
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**Just out of personal curisosity, and with no malice intended, why are you heavily recruiting for help in sections that appear to be %95 of the plug-ins demanding and time-consuming work, if you are nearing the end of the project? It seems more to be in the beginning stages to me.



I had a grand response to this and NS ate it. Really much better worded and more gracine than this post is and for that I apologise- this sounds harsh and unkind, and worse unprepared for. This is not the impression that I am trying to make.

Basically what we need is nothing that we couldn't do or get done in house as we are now- it would just take longer.

The plot and getting it written is the test of a TC. That is mainly my job as I came up with much of it. If there are people (a-la coders, writers) who can take some of the other things that I have to do and do those things it's one less thing that I have to do (I already have written 90%+ of landing descs, all of the shipyard descs, outfit descs, outfit coding, syst placement, syst coding, spob coding, ship coding, 50% of all ship graphics through one large plug-in incarnation of Kemet and now two incarnations of the TC) and thererfore the faster we get done and the more attention to detail that can be taken with each component in the time frame that we've allocated for the completion of this TC- by the end ofthe year, in theory. I've been working on this for fully three years now, with a team only 8 months or so (and thier help has been incalculable!) and as much fun as it has been I'd just like to see it finished- it would be more fun to play.

I am offering my services. Seriously and honestly. No jokes, or insanity, and sarcasm. :Poker Face:

I have a 1.8Ghz single processor G5 with 1.5GB RAM I'm willing to put out for rendering services. I can brush up on my Mechanisto knowledge (very little) for July easily, I suspect, and I'm fine to run renders overnight or during the day while I'm at work or school.

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