Class Guide

Does anyone know of one

Does anyone know if there is a website out there that list the various classes of the EVN goverments.

I know there is a file on the add on page but I can never get this computer to decompress anything that has been compressed with a mac.

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Maybe because you haven't set up your Stuffit properly, or you're using the wrong form of expansion.

That said, Guides are usually text files, which can be opened on the PC regardless of expansion type, since they have no resource fork anyway. Which file were you talking about, specifically?



With the government thing, the four Class fields, you put a number in there, doesnt matter what number it is, this only assigns the class of the government. In the Enemy field of the enemy government, put that same number. That will make Enemy Government (G1) hate the other government (G2) and anyone else with that class number.