Are there any dimensions for making an intf. Like a certain space that has to be in the feul, armor, sheild, ship target. Things like that.

Not really. The radar and status bars can be whatever size you like, though for the target and cargo areas it's probably best to use the same sizes as the default intfs.

The width of the entire image is important, especially on Windows machines - the original Arpia had a problem where the game crashed on Windows computers when the player bought an Arpian ship, simply because the sidebar image was all of one pixel too small.

It needs to be... let's see... 194 by 767 pixels.

It is, incidentally, possible to have vertical shield/armour/energy bars, but I've unfortunately not seen any plugins thus far which use this feature.

One thing I'm wondering: is it possible to arrange the bars such that the armour level bar appears inside the shield level bar? That is, something like this:

|||||||||||||||||||||||||| <-- shields at 60%-ish
|||||||||||||||||||||||||| <-- armour at full

Ok, after some testing, I can say that it does work. However, the bars appear in a specific order on the screen (shield bar on the bottom, then armour, then energy, if you know what I mean) and the bars tended to vanish when one underneath was redrawn. Not entirely certain on that last point, though, as the testing was hardly rigorous...

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Could you attach an example plug to illustrate? 🙂

Aye-aye, sah!

Test1 has the armour bar overlaid on the shield bar, with the energy bar as normal. Test2 has the energy bar overlaid on the armour bar which is overlaid on the shield bar. Test3 has the shield bar overlaid on the armour bar, which the energy bar as normal. All of these are edits of the default ďntf resource (but not the image, which means it looks a little messy), and I don't think I need to point out that only one will work at a time.

The numbers I've put in look right, but I wouldn't be surprised if I've gone and stuck a wrong number in, somewhere...

Basically what I had in mind is something similar to how they do things in Star Trek, with an image of the ship representing the armour strength, and a blue haze around the outside representing the shield strength. Just with bars instead of the image of the ship.

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I thought about doing something like that where the shield would be completely on top of the armor to be like the original EV/O. Never bothered to test anything though - I figured it'd happen pretty much how you describe.