A Mechanisto mod

I have modified Mechanisto to add more command keys- certainly more useful if anything. The only real problem is that the method I used hacked two characters off the end of the menu items that I added command keys to (This was to preserve offsets, for those who know what that means), so I have to reccomend that people be reasonably familliar with normal Mechanisto as to know exactly what menu items are.

Use and try at your own risk- this was done for me by me for my convienience and I thought that it may be of use to others 🙂 so I can't be liable for anything, though through my testing it works. If you need any help or wish to report how I screwed something up, please use the Mechanisto forum in my sig and not tie this forum up much.


I am crossposting this to Just Graphics, so if this is innapropriate, please delete it, mrxax.

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Is mechanisto an OS X program? Shortcuts can easily be added to apps using OS X's keyboard preference pane.

No, it's OS9. Who would make an osX program so simple? Anyways, you haven't tried it, so you don;t know just how simple it is! You could easily run it in classic. It's free, powerful, and easy. It's only powerful if used correctly though! And that's mostly the shader editor.

Can't you change it with ResEdit? That should also make it the correct width. Unless Mechanisto doesn't use MENU resources...

No- I had to hack the actual data fork. For an unrelated project I am writing a HyperCard stack that adds a complete model- including shaders, which is a great step-up from Mech's "Import" command, which does not retain shaders- and I was honestly looking in the data fork of the program for perhaps a default file structure (which isn't there) adn I noticed all of the menu commands 8 page-ups from the bottom, and that the commands that had command keys ended in "/*" (where * is the command key)- so it was simple to add keys, although it did end up hacking off the last two letters of many menu items (to keep the offsets right). I tried removing unneeded text this morning and restoring the menu items, but it did not work. I also accidentally made the "Delete object" command key the same as "insert sphere" but I'll fix that in the update tonight 🙂


There is the repaired version- "sphere" has been assigned to apple-A, instead of sharing apple-D with "Delete Object", which caused a whole lot of trouble.

I did not use the number keys, as Tycho suggested that I do, because I use the number keys for textures 🙂

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