hypergate graphic "engine glows"?

breaking graphic into two parts

I had this idea of making the hypergate graphic glow a different color, say red. I've gotten it into photoshop, but discovered that the animation was 'once piece'.

I am just wondering if anyone has created a two part hypergate, just as you would a ship and it's engine glows being separate.

Can't be done. A hypergate is a spob, which references a spin, which is a highly limited resource. Ships use shan resources, which have a lot of extra function in them, including the ability for engine glows and running lights. The spin resource just can't do that.

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Just hue it. there isnt much color on the main body of the hypergate.

Thanks for the help. I've got a fancy red hypergate now! 🙂

Do you have any screenshots?

erikthered, on Jun 9 2005, 09:54 PM, said:

Do you have any screenshots?

I suppose I could post one, but why? The blue disk of "light" is now red.

As AAC shows, it is really simple. I was quite suprised that the color of the gate itself didn't change. I was thinking that was because it was B&W but when I try something similar to a Vellos Dart, it's not so easy. I had visions of making Dark ships like the Psi Corps of Bab5, but I simply couldn't get it right (I've tried huing the Glows too without much satifactory results) and I gave up on it.

Anyway, new question :

This isn't a color question, but it is still about my little universe addition.
The idea I had was to make a special hypergate (that red one) that jumps to another part of space. I wanted to make these world completely separate from the regular universe for the duration of my storyline. Then allow ships from both areas to jump back and forth.

So, how do I keep Ships from this little empire from getting out? The only way out is through this particular Hypergate.

I know one way is to make a mission that changes the hypergate so the exit to Fed space is gone, but this makes things difficult for a player. I know I would be mad if someone said I needed to complete their plot before I could return to where ever. This isn't an episode of Deep Space Nine.

If it makes it easier, I will make a little webpage for this plugin and make it available.

To keep them from getting out don't put them in the dude resources on the exit side 😛

Or come up with some kind of special explanation as to why you can use the hypergate and they can't.