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What's with the NCB expressions here?

Ok, I've mentioned before that I'm working on a mod of the windows Clavius and Beyond that makes it work with the Windows version of rEVisited. I think I've gotten everything functional, save one thing. I'm getting përs ships hailing me with what appear to be NCB expressions and evaluation statements and I don't understand why or even how that's happening. I don't even know what the hail quotes for these përs ships are supposed to be to start looking for them. And I don't know how the quotes call on the str# resources, either.

I have tried looking at the nova bible, and it's not that much help so far, though perhaps I haven't read it enough. Even so, I'd appreciate some pointers on this matter. I'd like to get everything done that I can do myself, before asking for any help redoing the remaining 14 out of 16 unique ships that Clavius adds, so that even if I can't find someone to help redo the ship models to rEVisited standards, the plug will still at least be in working order.

Anyway, any help on str# resources ane how to reference them correctly in përs resources would be helpful.

There has been a përs bug report that possibly relates to your problem. There is a kluge workaround mentioned under "BUG #2" that may help.
There is also a report that the bug has been fixed in v1.0.9. See Matt Burch's post near the end of the thread that says in part:

"fixed problem that prevented plugins from patching prs HailQuote strings"

That ws good work, Arturo -- thanks. I spent a while banging my head against this issue a month or two ago; glad to see it will be behind us soon.

God I hope so. I may just wait on completing my project until after 1.0.9 is out. Hopefully as one of the beta testers for WinNova 1.0.9, I'll be able to help speed that, though I doubt it. As always, it'll be ready when it's ready.

I may see what I can do about fixing the hail quote str# stuff anyway, though. If Uncle Twitch can get it working right for SFA, and I have far fewer quotes to deal with, then surely I can figure something out.

Since UT is replacing the whole EVN universe rather than writing a plug that has to coexist with other plugs, he can just re-write the basic hail quotes in STR# resource 7101, instead of writing new STRs in the (failing?) 5000-5511 range.

Which is exactly what I'm doing. Sounds to me, CJ, that you'll need to wait or figure out what the kludgy workaround is.

Yeah...Meh...Maybe I should find a ship modeler who can turn out work like KMQ's rEVisited ships. At least something would be getting done, then.

UncleTwitchy, on Jun 8 2005, 05:17 PM, said:

Which is exactly what I'm doing. Sounds to me, CJ, that you'll need to wait or figure out what the kludgy workaround is.
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I think what you're doing is the kludgy work around. Of course it isn't kludgy if it's a TC though.