EVONE problems

Im still working on my EVE TC, and im suddenly having trouble with EVone. I downloaded the target maker, loaded the pct I want for the target into it and then pressed copy. In EVONE i opened the pct resource of the ship i wanted, and pasted the target pct into the window. Everything was working fine. I pressed save, and opened EV Nova. However the target was still the old picture! I went back to EVONE(i hadn't closed it) and looked at the picture. It too was back to the old pict! What is wrong? None of the changes I make to any pictures stay! I paid for EVONE i hope it works.

EDIT: I also just noticed that i can't change the rle8 or rleD anymore. I changed both the composite and the mask and when I reopen it, its back to before.

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I am running the latest version of OSX on a G5. I would not stoop to the windows level 😛
Also I have noticed that if I add a rescource it is gone when I reopen the plug. EVEN tho I save.

Not sure if this is the problem, BUT - I've had all kinds of problems in the past having Resedit open and launching EVN. Something about files already being in use. :mad: Try saving your EVone work and closing the file before launching EV Nova and see if you still get the same problems.

Everyone has trouble with EVONE. It does not work right.

Real Men Use ResEditŽ