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Hi, I just finished the modifacations for a plug that gives you the outfits you would only receve if you did specific mission strands in the defult nova senario. They do show up, but I can't perchase
them!! :(. It would really help if somone could tell me why. I am running mac osx, Nova 1.0.8, and the only modifications I made are to mass,max,tech level,cost and dissabled the NCB availability test, but did not delete the expretion. The plug should be attached to this post (emphesis on should).

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It was not attached. If you fully deleted the Availability and AppearOn bit tests, then set the tech level to a low number (like 1), the plug should work. Try to attach it again.


For some reason I can't attach the plug. Do I have to compress it? Because I'm sorry to say, but I don't have a compressor. <_<

Yes, to attach a mac plug-in to a post here, you need to compress it as a file (wndows plugs don't need the .bin part- they still need to be zipped, though).
A good set of free utilities for plug compression can be found here (binandzip.sit, at the bottom of the list). To use, drag your plug-in files, one at a time, onto MacBin Drop, and then drag all of them onto Zippist.

Now, about your plug, the problem appears to be fairly simple. It is impossible to "disable" a NCB test expression. All you did was un-set the flag that prevents unpurchasable items from appearing in the outfitters. That flag does not change whether or not you can buy the outfit. If you delete the NCB test expressions completely, your problem should go away.


Thanks for the tips Edwards,

here's that plug

P.S. Please don't steal my idea.
(not that I thought anyone would, just figured it a good idea to put a request)

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