Blender 3D question

Hello, I've got a question as to saving in blender.Here goes:
How do you save a rendered image? And once you have, how do you make it a valid pict with an ID no. so nova will recognize it? If it helps,I'm running on mac osx using blender 2.36 .

Thanks in advance, Bird of War

Well, I don't know about the saving a render as an image with Blender part, but I do know about the getting the image to Nova part. Once you have the image, open it in an image editing program (like Graphic Converter, I'm not sure about Preview). Once you have, select the area of the picture you want to use (make sure you have the right size, or at least the right proportions, otherwise Nova will squish your picture). Copy your selection. Open your plug-in file in ResEdit. Apple-k to create a new resource, and create a new PICT resource. It will probably create a new image and open it up in a window. Close that window so you're just looking at the PICT resource fork window. The new blank image should be...well...blank, and will have an ID number of 128. While looking in this window, just Apple-v, and it should paste your selection of the image as a new PICT resource. If you don't have ResEdit, then I can't help you there.

In the future, you might want to post questions like this in the Just Graphics forum. You'd be more likely to run into someone with Blender there than here.