Non-Classic-Mode Resource Editing?

Due to a horrific HD error, I no longer have a functioning Classic-mode on my g4. As I'm looking to do some stuff that Mission Computer doesn't currently handle, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a resource editor on par with RedEdit that runs in OSX (vs running in Classic)?

Any help would be appreciated; I've poked through the archives both here and on, but so far have been unsuccessful.

Thanks in advance,

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As far as I know I think you're out of luck. Mission Computer is the most complete of any other editor; namely EVONE whick I believe only handles system mapping and perhaps a couple other minor things. However, I think you can actually use Mission Computer to edit and create all the resources. You just have to get use to using templates and numbers rather than the handy dandy user friendly interfaces of MC and NovaTools.

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I believe Resourcerer runs natively in Mac OS X, but it's a commercial (ie. expensive) application, and since NovaTools is for Classic ResEdit only, there wouldn't really be much point. Without the ability to run NovaTools, the best editor I know of for resources that aren't covered by one of the graphical editors is MissionComputer's template-based editor - it's not pretty, but it's the same system we all used for Escape Velocity and EV Override.

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Yup, Resouircer 2.4 runs under OS X. I have been designing my entire EVN plug using Resourcer, MissionComputer, and EVONE. I completely dumped Classic off my system almost a year ago... not like I need it anyways.

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As others have noted, there is Resorcerer, which is your best bet. However, having used it, I believe it is very over-rated and not worth the (substantial) investment. Also, last I heard, the developer has moved one, letting the current (somewhat incomplete) version stand.

The next beta of EVONE will not only include all the EV/O/N templates in its Template Driver, but all of ResEdit's as well. It already has STR# and STR editors. When it is released, this should be a second, quite useable, option.

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