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Okay, some might remember some questions I had about texturing a couple weeks ago, just asking about different programs and stuff, but then I saw the light, finding a folder called Photoshop 4.01 on my old computer. Nice, a remenant from ages ago, but for some reason I found everything (plug ins, goodies the lot) except the aplication.I used Norton, and beyond my wildest dreams I found, trashed in '97, the photoshop application, 100% recoverable. I don't know how, but it was there, along with 10 000 other things from up to ten years ago. Then, to kill the hope, when I open up the app after recovery, it tells me "Not enough memory, blah blah, 0kb needed, 0Kb avalable.

What? 0Kb needed? 0 available? SO I checked the info for it, and it won't let me open it, due to lack of memory. I gave the computer up to 60Mb, and it still wouldn't get info. It must be corrupted. I even tried it out on my new computer (imac LCD if it helps) and it said... wait, I'll go get it. Operation could not be completed, error code -199. Anyone know the error codes for osx?

So this is where I'm at. Does anyone here know what I can do about it? Any help would be appreciated.



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I doubt it will be of much use, but every little bit helps, I guess:
(url="http://"") (Photoshop 4 is a Classic App, so I'd go by the pre-OSX error codes...)

By the way, this may be better suited for Just Tech - you're more likely to get some useful feedback there.

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Yes, I think Just Tech is the best destination for this topic...

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