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Is there any documentation anywhere on the format of the Nova pilot files? I want to write a uitilty to reset all of the bits that record that a given pers is dead, but I can not find any information on the format of the pilot files anywhere, other than that the data is "encrypted"

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Well, that's because that's all we've been told. So far as I know, the encryption code hasn't been released or hacked. But there is some utility somewhere that takes EV/O pilot files and makes them EVN pilot files. You might try tracking down the author of that program for more info.

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If you look in the EV or EVO addons pages (utilities, guides, etc.), you might find some documentation, some programs that decrypt/encrypt EV/O pilots, and some programs that edit pilots. Obviously the Nova pilot files hold more data than EV/O, but the basic encryption may be identical.

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