Creating a new system

If i wanted to create a new system, is there a map of some sort i can find that makes it easier for me to enter in coodinates. If there isnt i guess its just guess and check, but if there is one can anyone show me where?

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There is EV Developers Map, available on the EV Addons page; and EVO Developers Map, available on the EVO addons page. If you are making a Nova plugin, I'm not sure which tool to use; I haven't kept up with Nova, since I won't be able to even play it on my old computer until I get a new one (which is probably happening this winter, when I get an iBook).


I don't know if there is a developers map for Nova, but it's fairly easy to get the basics of the coordinate system. Just check out some systems in the existing scenario. You'll find that:

  1. Sol is at 0,0.
  2. xPos is left to right (negative to positive).
  3. yPos is top to bottom (negative to positive).

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Do a search in the Developer's corner for "Nova Burst", it's a Nova map utility.

There is also an EVN developer's map utility available on the addons page, which isn't as advanced as NovaBurst is

You could also wait for EVONE, which comes with a galxy editor.

Edit NovaBurst can be found here:

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