how do you become a developer?

how did you guys get started???

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Download ResEdit and NovaTools.

Why are you all looking at me like that?

I posted your awnser (url="http://"")Here(/url)

just check all of my posts.

Hope this helps, 🙂

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Originally posted by wraith king:
**how did you guys get started???


First of all, get the hang of how Nova works. (I assume you want to develop for Nova. It really doesn't matter, they work the same way.) Nova uses thingies called resource forks.

Examples of resource forks:
PICT (Static picts, used as target graphics, shipyards, etc.)
Shän (Ship Animation, very important for the glitzy stuff like weapon exit points)
Shďp (Ship resources are pretty self explanitory)
Spöb (Space Object, such as moons, planets, wormholes, hypergates, and space stations)
Dësc (descriptions, the little blurb that you read)

To get the funky vowels (they're called umlauts), hold down option + u, let go, and then type the vowel you want. So ü would be option + u - u. (ü is a funny smilie, dontcha think?)

Nova calls on different resource IDs, which make plugins a sort of web of ID numbers. All of the IDs start at 128.

Example for a mission:
mďsn ID: 128
Main dësc ID: 4000

That should help ground a basic understanding of Nova. It really isn't as complicated as it looks, as long as you start small. A few missions and a përs are the way to go for the first few plugs you make.

(Përs's are personalities, which are used to make guys in ships, like Matt Burch's Kestrel or Taemon Shard's Starbridge)

To get the ResEdit file to be a Nova plugin, go to File --> Get Info for (plug name here) and set the Type field to "Npďf" and the Creator to "Növä".

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Originally posted by wraith king:
**how did you guys get started???


I'm gonna take this question as a request for a story. I feel like typing a story :).

Well, way back in the day I got a CD. On the CD had the original EV on it. Within one hour of installing it I was hooked. Soon I registered it and realized there were such things as plug-ins. Well, I got ResEdit and the EV Bible, and tried to figure out what the heck all the hex code was about. Then I realized there were templates :redface:.

In any case, I became hooked on this activity as well. I never got involved much with the original EV community, I stayed away from that first web board, but I was an avid visitor of when I discovered it. I probably visited every link on the links page more than 100 times. I even learned HTML so I could have my own page dedicated to EV. I never got around to finishing it though. My plugs gained more and more complexity and skill put into them, but I never did anything with graphics until after EVO came out. I heard about it by accident really, and quickly downloaded it when I was actually released. I was excited about the new stuff, and jumped right in after I played it through several times. The first actual graphics I did were just sprites I had messed with in photoshop. More time passed, I played more TCs and minor plugs, and eventually, and again quite by accident, I discovered Nova.

It wasn't out yet, and wouldn't be for quite some time, but I got into the community really for the first time through the Nova board and also #ev3 somewhat. Seeing what ATMOS and Matt Burch were doing really got me the most excited. Not only was it a new EV, it was a totally remade EV. The huge lists of new features were drooled over many times. NovaTools were also a developer's dream. Since then Nova has come out, and my developing has increased dramatically. I've publically released some of my plug-ins, and I'm doing my own graphics now. I also have some secret projects going on ;). Oh yeah, and now I help rule this forum. I can warp and twist other people's projects at will. Mwua-ha-ha-ha!!!

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I went through basically the same phase, and I've (mostly) got it worked out check this: (url="http://"")http://www.ambrosias...ML/003370.html#(/url)
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Originally posted by mrxak:
< snip>

That's pretty much my story as well, though all the plug-in stuff I've made over the years have not been released (I'm very much a perfectionist, and my belief is that if I don't want to play it or don't enjoy it, then it's not good enough for the general public).

Funny thing about this Star Trek TC I'm working on -- it was originally just a project to teach myself the ins and outs of Nova's resources so that I could work on my original TC.

That's the one that I'm really excited about...

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Often you aren't satisfied by your own plugs because you already know their ins and outs. Unless you're talking about graphics, or similar.


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