A question about questions...

A poll sort of thingumee:

Do you try to answer your question in a quick search of the Resource bible, make a quick plug-in, then ask here, OR

do you just ask first, try later?


For me, it's usually the latter, but when I'm in the middle of a sort of brainstorm, I test it in my plug-in.

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Id rather ask becuase normally I have absoloutly no clue, and If i did try first in trying to undo it i would kill something. For me it is better to have it done right first than take several trys.

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I usually ask before (likely) wasting my time on something that probably won't work. It's a safer bet just to double check and then spend your time implementing whatever it may be.

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I usually just make a plug to find out what will happen.

Most of the easy questions have already been answered. So unless you are asking a question that has already been around for a while, someone is going to have to experiment to find a definite answer anyway.

Might as well do our own experiments.


I guess it depends on the difficulty of what you're trying to to and your skill.

For most questions, there is probably someone here who already knows the answer (or could figure out a theoretical answer).

An example: I was trying to figure out how to animate spobs, and I'm relativly new to doing graphics. I could have figured it out on my own with some difficulty and a lot of trial and error, but I asked here instead and got a relpy that will probably save me a lot of time. And I'm pretty sure the person already knew the answer.

So it can't hurt to ask.

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I make a plugin first, search for an answer next, and if all else fails, post a question. I usually post in other people's topics to find my answers. I don't like making topics.

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I search the Nova Bible, then search this board, and I can usually find the answer. I perfer to make a topic than to reply to one unless it's very relevant, though, simply because new topics get more attention. You're more likely to check a topic you haven't posted on yet.

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As a moderator, I realize that the more topics on this board, the more work I have to do. My official policy is to search the bible, try to do it myself, search this board, then make a topic after I'm 99% sure there's no other topic like it ever.

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I always first check the bible first, the answer is in their about 85% of the time. Then I try to brainstorm some ideas to solve my problem and try it out in a plug. I can figure it out about 75% of the time doing that. If I'm still stuck, I search this board quickly looking for an answer (becuase most of my questions are not very simple by now, this only works about 50% of the time). And if I still havent found an answer, I post a topic, where I can always get an answer. So... after some quicks calculations, I post a topic about 1.875% of the time I have a question ;). (I think that works out)

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