Making EV Nova Plug-Ins

I would like some experienced EVN Plug-In maker to help get me started. I have Res-Edit and nova tools, just need some know-how. I have a G3 500, Mac OS 9.1.

You need (as well as this topic) to go to the EV Developer's Corner and look around. Then ask questions 🙂

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Ignie Ferroque. (url="http://";=64&SUBMIT;=Go")Just Tech.(/url)
(url="http://"") leviathan@sourcecod (/url)

(url="http://";=guides&display;=date&page;=1")Go here for EV Plugin Guides(/url). Very useful. It may not be Nova specific, but all the stuff in those guides can be used in Nova.

Have fun 🙂

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Don't forget the EV Nova Resource Bible. It's a VALUBLE resource when you're working with resources.... heh... a rare pun.


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