Graphic that I rendered, comments?

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Took me long enough but oh well at least I got it done!

First time I've touched a 3D program since around 1996

"I'm sorry Dave, but I'm affraid I can't do that..."

Simple, yet elegant... 😄
It looks great (especially after spending an afternoon looking at my own artwork).


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Ok so here is round two of "the pictures I made". Enjoy. This one took longer and is more detailed.

It's just called Starfighter 2.

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"I'm sorry Dave, but I'm affraid I can't do that..."


Originally posted by Darven Rain:
**< very nice graphics>


I love the second one. The first one is good but looks a bit like a set-square - very flat and grey 😄

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youd get more feedback posting ont eh EV Image boards, many people in here check those as do i. I would comment but i cant see them they didnt load.

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Can't seem to get the images to load...

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Darven Rain must have deleted the pics from his server.

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