Sprite Help!!! (it just doesn't look right)

hey, well I "spun" (clever eh) my first ship (appropriatly, a shuttlecraft) yesterday...but somethings wrong with it.

Take a look at... (url="http://"http://www.angelfire.com/music2/geetar/evo.htm")http://www.angelfire.../geetar/evo.htm(/url)
Comments and suggestions veeeery welcome!


I don't know what could be the problem with that graphics - sizes are right (multiple of eight). Does the sprite screw up in EVO or don't you like the graphics?

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Well, I've never done graphics, but if there was a way that you could make an AVI movie with a fixed light source (and get the shadow from that) then you could use Pics2Sprites to turn the AVI into sprites.

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Wait a second...

The sprite size is a multiple of 8 - 40. I'm not sure if that's one that doesn't work in EVO or not, I believe it does, but I do know 88 does not.

Wait, upon further inspection, your shadows ARE messed up. Did you render every frame, or did you spin a static frame? Currently, the light source stays in the same place relative to the ship as it spins 180°, then flips, and flips back just before vertical again. To fix this you will have to render each frame with the lighting coming from the same direction as the ship spins, then piece the frames together. Rendering one and spinning it just doesn't work (as you found out).


You can have each frame in any multipul of eight, expect multipul that also end in eight (yet 8 is fine). Don't use 48 and 88 is what I am saying.

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Uh, as far as I know 48 is just peachy-keen-OK. The Kestrel in EV was 48x48...so is the Voinian Supply Ship. The only size that doesn't work to my knowledge is 88, unless I'm forgetting one...I think I am...anyway, 40 is alright and 48 is alright.


Erm, how are you putting it into the game? Have you just replaced the pics of the shuttlecraft in EV or EVO with these? If that is the case then the sprite sizes might not match up correctly. In order to make ships for plug-ins correctly, I would get a copy of Shiprite by R&R.; It has an easy to use interface that hepls stop mishaps like this (maybe). (url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/dl-redirect.pl?path=evo/utilities&file;=shipwrite118.hqx")You can get it here(/url)


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I dont know if this was rendered as one frame and then spun (doesnt look like it) or if it was done in bryce with the link sun to view option disabled. If it was the first set up an animation of the ship spining. If it was the second, and you spun the camera instead of the ship (using bryce, this is the easy way to do it for top down shots,) then go into the sky lab and enable the link sun to view option. This should remedy the problem. If you are in another program, such as lightwave, spin the ship not the view. This will keep the light in the correct place. Other than that i can't really help you without knowwing what program you used to do it in. If you want, if you send me the file, i will look at it and see if i can id any probs. (if this intrests you just post and ill give you my e-mail.)