EVO dësc size?

Does anyone know exactly how much space there is for text in the EVO dëscs. I mean how many characters fit in the field and how much memory is alloted to store them. Mostly, I want to know about the mission descs but information about the spaceport desc fields would be great too.

I think it's as long as the text field allows, I dont think there's a memory limit. Just dont get too carried away. The only real way I can think of is setting the availbit to 0 and testing.

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I seem to recall that its around 1000 characters.


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Originally posted by blackhole:
I dont think there's a memory limit.

In the Nova log, mBurch says he increased the text buffer size to 8k. I assumed this was a memory limit and he had increased it. Anyway, I'll do a little poking around and see what happens around 1k. Thanks for your help.


PS. Just to let you know, without increasing the size of the desc fields, which I don't want to do, I fit about 923 characters into the main mission descs, like the BriefText, and 320 into the QuickBrief. I didn't look for a memory limit.

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It would make sense, if it is around a 1000 character limit, for the maximum to either be 1024 or 1023.

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