Anyone seen Stormbringer?

I am working with him on creating a decent Star Wars plug, but when I last emailed him I got an error message. Its been a LOOOONG time now and I was wondering if there was anyone on the web board who knows him and could tell me what's wrong. (For all I know his ISP is down along with his email but as its been so long I am posting this.)

"Landing request denied."

Company Tritanium Enterprises: (url="http://"")

Sorry I have been unable to recieve emails for a while and I'v been away.
It should be working now though. IF your still having problems mailing me then post here and i will set up a new account but it does seem to be working.
Did you get the test?
It wasn't that great but I've done a complete overhaul.

you could try

'Stormbringer!' he cried and then the hellsword struck his chest. H e felt the icy touch of the blade against his heart,felt his body constrict,felt it sucking his soul from the very depths of his being,felt his whole personality being drawn into the Runesword.
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