Possible EV:O Plug-in (tell me what you think)

I was thinking of an expansion type plug, that deletes everything except for the UE, Voinians, and Emaghla. It will focus on that war, it will begin with the same missions, and leave off where the UE, pushed back the Vionian border. More ships for all four governments (UE, Emaghla, eventually Hinwar, and eventually Huron.

Then there will be another plug-in after the release of the first that focuses on the miranu and the pirating situation with the zachit, It will begin the same way as a new pilot with the missions it'll expand, but you'll only get better cago missions from the miranu, and most of the figthing missions will take plave with the Zachit. There will be new ships to add to, BTW

Then, yet another plug-in, you'll start out as either the Zidigar, Adzgari, Igazra, all three will have new ships to add. Work your way through like the original game, and there will be more races. (The way I have it planned is that you download whatever race you shoose and thats the race you'll be, you can't convert unless you download the other race)

The last plug-in will be the ender of it all. Lets put it at that.

Tell me what you think and I'll decide on whether putting time into it or not. (please post here one what you think)

If it involves the Zachit, it has to be good 😉

Zacha K
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I like this idea a lot, a sort of magnified view of the war. It could be a lot of fun. There's so much in the EVO universe still to develop, I think it's a good idea to make a bunch of expansion plugs that develop the various areas of the Galaxy more.
Why would you want to delete all the other systems and stellar objects, though? Or do I misunderstand you? For more space for ships? (keep in mind how difficult it is to find graphics)
It's also good that it's a project that divides neatly into more easily releasable chunks. You could get an magnified version of the Zachit plot line released without worrying about what's going on in the rest of the galaxy.

I say do it!



I think it's a good Idea. Just make sure that it is not just a lot of the same old thing. Keep a good flow of new ideas and ships. Good luck!



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I think it is a good idea. The new ships should also make it more interesting.

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Should focus heavily on the Zachit and should give them acces to heavier ships .
I would suggest anew class of warship eg Zachit Carrier which could possibly be a modified version of the crescent warship but perhaps utilising the best technology of all the involved races.

John Browning
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